Red Kite Cottage In Easton on the Hill

Pet-Friendly Escapes: A Weekend at Red Kite Cottage


Imagine a place where both you and your pet can relax and enjoy the tranquillity of nature. Red Kite Cottage offers just that—a serene getaway perfectly suited for pet owners who don't want to leave their furry friends behind. This blog explores the myriad of pet-friendly features and activities at Red Kite Cottage, ensuring your weekend escape is enjoyable for both you and your pet. From preparation to local pet services, we cover everything you need for a perfect pet-inclusive holiday.

Why Choose a Pet-Friendly Cottage?

Choosing a pet-friendly accommodation means you can enjoy your holiday without the worry of leaving your pets behind in unfamiliar kennels or under the care of others. Red Kite Cottage understands the bond between pets and their owners, providing a welcoming environment that caters to the needs of all guests, including four-legged ones. Pet-friendly properties allow families to experience a complete family holiday, reducing the stress associated with pet separation and ensuring that no member of the family is left out of the fun.

In addition to the emotional benefits, staying at a pet-friendly cottage like Red Kite Cottage means your pet can continue their regular routines, which is beneficial for their health and wellbeing. The familiar presence of their owners and the comfort of being in a safe, welcoming environment can significantly reduce a pet’s anxiety and improve their overall holiday experience. It’s not just about accommodation, but creating memorable experiences with all family members present.

Preparing for Your Stay

Preparing for a stay at a pet-friendly cottage requires some planning to ensure comfort and safety for your pet. Start by packing all the essentials such as pet food, leashes, toys, and any medications your pet might need. It’s also wise to include a pet first-aid kit for any minor injuries that could occur while exploring the great outdoors. Ensure your pet’s comfort by bringing along familiar items like their bed or a favourite blanket to help them feel at home in the new environment.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to research the cottage’s pet policies before you arrive. Knowing the specifics can help you comply with the rules and avoid any surprises. Red Kite Cottage offers specific amenities for pets, such as secure areas for play and rest, and knowing these in advance can help you pack accordingly and make the most of the facilities available.

On Arrival: What to Expect at Red Kite Cottage

Upon your arrival at Red Kite Cottage, you will be greeted with a setup that ensures both comfort and safety for your pet. The cottage provides essential pet amenities, including water bowls, pet beds, and complimentary treats that make your pet feel right at home. Take a moment to help your pet acclimatise to the new surroundings by walking them around the property and showing them where they can find their food and sleeping area.

The initial tour of the cottage with your pet not only helps in easing their anxiety but also allows you to scout the safety of the environment. Check for any potential hazards and ensure the space is secure for your pet to roam freely. Red Kite Cottage is designed with pets in mind, featuring enclosed outdoor spaces and interiors safe for pets to explore without the risk of accidents.

Exploring the Surroundings

Red Kite Cottage is nestled in an area rich with scenic walks and trails that are perfect for guests with pets. The surrounding countryside offers ample opportunities for outdoor adventures that are safe for pets. Explore local parks and trails that are well-maintained and suitable for dogs of all sizes. These areas provide not only physical exercise but also mental stimulation for your pet as they encounter new sights, sounds, and smells.

Additionally, the local community around Red Kite Cottage is welcoming to pets, with many outdoor attractions and events that are pet-friendly. From farmers' markets to outdoor festivals, you can enjoy a variety of local experiences along with your pet. These outings can be a wonderful way for your pet to socialise with other animals and for you to meet other pet owners.

Indoor Activities for Pets

In case of inclement weather, Red Kite Cottage offers several indoor activities to keep your pet entertained. The cottage includes a selection of pet toys and interactive games that can keep your pet engaged and active indoors. Consider organising a fun puzzle game or a treat-finding quest that stimulates their mind and rewards them for their efforts.

For pets that enjoy more relaxed activities, Red Kite Cottage’s spacious living areas provide a perfect spot for stretching out with a chew toy or curling up beside the fireplace. This time can also be used to reinforce training commands and tricks, blending fun with educational interaction. It’s important to keep your pet’s mind active, and Red Kite Cottage’s indoor environment is ideally suited for this purpose.

Dining with Your Pet

Red Kite Cottage’s kitchen is equipped to cater to the needs of pet owners who prefer preparing meals for their pets.

The facility provides pet-friendly dining areas where your pet can dine with you. For pet owners interested in dining out, the local area boasts several pet-friendly cafes and restaurants that welcome pets in their outdoor seating areas. These establishments often provide pet menus and water bowls, making your dining experience enjoyable for both you and your pet.

Preparing meals at the cottage can also be a bonding activity, allowing you to ensure your pet maintains their regular diet even while away from home. This control over ingredients is especially beneficial for pets with specific dietary needs or allergies. Red Kite Cottage’s amenities are designed to make meal preparation easy and enjoyable, further enhancing the comfort of your stay.

Safety Tips for Pets on Holiday

Ensuring the safety of your pet while on holiday is paramount. Red Kite Cottage is located in a secure area where pets can roam safely, but it’s always good practice to keep an eye on your pet and ensure they are within sight or on a leash when outside. Be aware of local wildlife and other potential hazards unique to the area, and always have a plan for emergency care. Knowing the location of the nearest veterinarian or pet emergency service provides peace of mind during your stay.

Before travelling, ensure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date and they are protected against common health threats found in the area. Also, consider updating your pet’s microchip information and tags with your current contact information, a crucial step in case your pet wanders off or gets lost.

Making the Most of the Outdoor Space

Red Kite Cottage’s outdoor space is designed with pets in mind, featuring secure fencing and plenty of room to play. Take advantage of these facilities by setting up outdoor games or simply enjoying the beauty of the landscape with your pet. The space provides a safe environment for your pet to explore and play, whether catching frisbees, playing fetch, or having a leisurely stroll around the property.

The outdoor area also includes shaded spots and comfortable seating, making it an ideal place for pet owners to relax and watch their pets play. The integration of nature and comfort at Red Kite Cottage enhances the outdoor experience, making it a memorable part of your stay.

Nearby Pet Services

For longer stays or specific pet needs, the local area around Red Kite Cottage offers a variety of pet services, including grooming salons, pet daycare, and specialty pet shops. These services ensure that your pet’s needs are met, even when you’re away from home. Utilising local pet services can enhance your holiday experience, providing professional care and pampering that your pet might enjoy.

Additionally, engaging with local pet professionals can offer insights into managing your pet’s health and wellness while on holiday. They can provide recommendations for local parks, safety tips, and even pet-friendly events. Integrating these services into your stay at Red Kite Cottage can make your holiday as relaxing and enjoyable for your pet as it is for you.

Special Pet-Friendly Events

Throughout the year, the area around Red Kite Cottage hosts various pet-friendly events that can be a fun addition to your holiday plan. These might include outdoor pet shows, charity runs with pets, or local pet meet-ups. Participating in these events can be a delightful way to meet other pet owners and give your pet a taste of local culture and entertainment.

These events are often designed to be enjoyable for both pets and owners, providing activities that cater to all kinds of interests and ensuring that your pet is welcome in the community. Whether it’s a seasonal festival or a regular gathering, these events can add a unique and memorable dimension to your stay at Red Kite Cottage.


Choosing Red Kite Cottage for your next getaway ensures a pet-friendly holiday where every member of the family can relax, explore, and enjoy. With comprehensive preparations and the wealth of pet-friendly activities and amenities offered, your time at Red Kite Cottage will be as rejuvenating for your pet as it is for you. Embrace the opportunity to create lasting memories with your furry friend in a setting that understands and caters to the needs of pet lovers.

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